Dixie Grill Bar is a real “New York Steak House”, the restaurant opened on December 1993 and has been open on a 24/7 basis for the last 21 years. Dixie offer’s a selection of classic American dishes along with high-quality portions of meat and a variety of Asian-influenced fusion cuisine. The menu is rich in flavors, colors and fragrances and allows each visitor to find what suits him. Along with the food we offer a wine and spirits menu and a wide variety of beers on tap. Product quality and specific recipes are key to the success of Dixie, our butcher carefully selects each piece of meat served in the restaurant, Our burgers are made from 100% fresh beef only, and we make them by hand every day according to our secret recipe. Every dish in our menu goes through a long journey before served to our guest’s. our daily prepared desserts such as the legendary “New York cheesecake” and “sinful” chocolate fingers have long become the benchmark in the Tel Aviv culinary scene . To date, we have hosted over 8 million customers, of them a vast majority are regular customers returning time and time again, to us this is the measure of our success. Over the years, Dixie won almost every title and achievement possible, including “the country’s culinary institution” which was awarded to us in 2013 by TIME OUT magazine.
Glad to have you visit us.
Sincerely Yours, haim cohen – Chef
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